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The Way We Work

 QZLX was founded with a philosophy of producing events that inspire audiences. We do this by applying design techniques from a variety of sources in the corporate and performing arts industries.

We know that the goal of your event isn't simply to have an event. We help companies engage their audiences with inspired design, thoughtful programming, and mindful planning.

From company gatherings, to product launches, to trivia tournaments, to fashion shows -- we understand the business of events. We've spent years honing our skills and building relationships with partners to deliver the best experience.


Owner, Richie Vavrina

Richie is a design and production expert that comes from a performing arts background. He spent years working in the Chicago Regional Theatre Community as a lighting designer, scenic designer, and production manager.


Prior to founding QZLX in 2020, Richie worked with a host of large production companies. Many former co-workers remain trusted friends and clients.

Richie is an expert with many digital tools to create stunning renderings, accurate CAD, and dynamic digital & print signage. In his free time, he loves playing trivia, singing karaoke, talking baseball, and going to live performances.

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